About Us


As a young man, Robert worked at Jacksonville Port Authority (now known as JAX PORT).  He began as a laborer and grew within the ranks to Superintendant of Wharf Maintenance and Repairs.  After a few years with the Port, he decided to put himself through  2 years of Santa Fe Jr. College & 3 years of University of Florida. 

In the middle of his college years, he was an iron worker and built custom motorcycles for a few years. 

Then he moved on to work for The Lee Company as a Door and Openings Inspector.  Due to a life altering accident, he changed course with his life.

In 1981 he offically began B&W Marine Construction, Inc. and has enjoyed building boathouses, bulkheads, decks, docks and gazebos, ever since.  To date, he has built up quite the reputation of building better and stronger than minimum standards, which is why his docks and boathouses have survived decades of storms, where others have washed away.  Robert takes pride in building the best and fixing the rest.