Camarda Dock

To Whom It May Concern;

B&W Marine Construction built my docks.  I am a repeat customer.  My family and I enjoyed our dock (built by B&W Marine Const.) at our last house so much that I had B&W Marine Construction come to my present house to build me another one.  We love our boathouse and dock.  They drove the pilings into the river bottom which made the dock very solid and rigid.  If they hadn’t done this, my dock may have washed away,  from Hurricane Charley and the nor’easters from the two other hurricanes that year, like my neighbors’ docks that were not built by B&W.  The Deco boatlift with the remote control works for anyone in my household, with the push of a button.  So they are not reliant upon me to do all the work.  I am able to have a peaceful life because we don't have any complications when taking the boat out.  It's a cinch to take the boat out and bring back onto the lift. 

We also enjoy just resting or entertaining on our dock. 

B&W completed the construction as agreed upon, neatly and they cleaned up after themselves once their construction was complete.  Walking on the evenly laid boards feels nice and level under my feet. As we peer from a distance, our boathouse and dock appear neat, both, from the house as well as the water.  We haven't had any problems with damage which could have occurred (due to storms passing through this area), but didn't.  We feel that the quality of their workmanship is solid.  Driving all the piles deep into the ground and double bolting all the framework to the pilings is the key to having a solid structure.

I would recommend a friend to call B&W Marine Construction if they wanted to build a dock, boathouse or bulkhead.


Jeff Camarda

Sorrells Dock

Patty Ahluwalla

B&W Marine Construction

4611 Lakeside Drive

Jacksonville, Fl 32210

Dear Patty,

Thank you for providing all of the information about our B&W bulkhead and boathouse required to complete our recent home appraisal. Reviewing the marine construction details again after almost ten (10) years brought back memories of meeting Ray, Robert, and crew and how much I enjoyed working with B&W.

First and foremost, installing the bulkhead and boathouse at our house was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. My family and I love being on the dock and at least one of us is out there almost every day. We have created so many family memories on the water and our house continues to the venue of choice for get-togethers.

Thanks to B&W’s expertise, every square inch of our dock is both useful and attractive. Anyone can launch or dock a boat or jet ski with the touch of a button - We have three boat lifts with those wonderful wireless remotes and a boat slip. The design makes it just as easy to go swimming and fishing and there is plenty of room to just sit and relax and enjoy the outdoors on the water.

All the fun aside, during the appraisal inspection it occurred to me that after 10 years our bulkhead and boathouse on Black Creek still looks brand new. There have been several marine construction projects in our area of the Creek that were built years after ours that are already showing signs of wear and settling. We’ve been through two hurricanes with winds gusts of over 90 MPH and have yet to loose our first shingle. Not a single board is warped, the lifts work perfectly, and the electrical and plumbing work as if they were installed yesterday. I am certain I am one of the many beneficiaries of B&W’s extensive experience and world class design and construction.

In retrospect, B&W provided us with a complete turnkey solution for our project from start to finish. It became obvious from the first day that every aspect of the construction was expertly managed. B&W maintained their schedule and costs throughout the process and were excited to show us what they were doing at each step and milestone from the permitting process to the final clean-up.

Although the appraiser put a price on our property, I cannot put a value on how much enjoyment and pleasure we take in our own little paradise, thanks in part to everyone at B&W.

David and Sherry Sorrells

3129 Rideout Lane

Middleburg, FL 32068

(904) 291-8578

O'Steen Dock