Picture this: You're sitting on your dock in your Jacksonville home on an Adirondack chair enjoying a cold beverage.

You're enjoying the smell of the water, the feel of the breeze, and the sun on your skin. Then, you hear your children turn on the speakers to blare their favorite music. You turn around to where the grandchildren are and watch them as they get drenched in  sunscreen, preparing for a day on the water. Secretly you start smiling, knowing that the best life lived is a life on the water and the best memories made are the ones with family - that is something that is PRICELESS.

This is what you're buying from B&W. You're not just buying the best in quality marine construction, but you're buying decades of memories and enjoyment. Filled with fun, laughter, and a lifestyle of endless possibilities!


A typical deck built off of a residential home is built to a home builder's specifications and should last for about 10 years.  However, a deck built to a dock builder's specification will last much longer.  Just ask around in Jacksonville and you will see the difference. We stand alone in the quality of the structures we build and have built since 1981.